Over 40 Years Experience Applying Advanced Firearm Coatings


Electroless Nickel Plate:  Craftguard can electroless nickel plate carbon steel and cast iron. We can not electroless nickel plate aluminum, stainless steel, brass or copper. All polishes are available for handguns. Hunter, matte, satin, or standard are the only polishes available for long firearms. We can plate firearms up to 37 inches in length.  Electroless nickel has an outstanding resistance to petroleum distillates of all types including gun solvents and has a salt resistance tolerance exceeding 240 continuous hours per one-mil of thickness. Unlike conventional electroplating where the plating build-up is not uniform (thick on the edges and thin in the middle), electroless nickel plating is uniform on all metal surfaces (inside and out, edges and flats). Thus, all metal surfaces in the electroless plating solution are equally plated. Expansion and contraction from heat does not result in cracks or peeling. With a Rockwell rating of C56 in hardness, it is 0.10 tougher then hard chrome on the Tabor Wear Index. Plating temperature is 195 degrees F. and plating thickness ranges from one-quarter mil. (0.00025 inches) to one mil. (0.001 inches) with three-eights mil. (0.000375 inches) optimum for firearms. The finish is protected with Birchwood Casey’s “Dry Touch Plus”.



High Gloss