Over 40 Years Experience Applying Advanced Firearm Coatings


Parkerizing (gray, black, gray/green):  Originally developed by the Parker Company for the military, parkerizing is a process where properly prepared parts are submerged in a warm phosphate solution for a period of time ranging from five to twenty-five minutes. Parkerizing will etch the surface of the metal and produce a coarse build-up. Bore and chamber are protected and not parkerized. Only carbon steel and cast iron can be parkerized. We can apply a bake-on product on non-steel parts that will closely match our parkerizing in color, texture and durability. Hunter polish is the only polish available for parkerizing. The finish is protected with Birchwood Casey’s “Dry Touch Plus”.  Meets military specifications  Mil-P-16232.  Please click on pictures below to enlarge them.


Gray/Green Parkerizing


Gray Parkerizing


Black Parkerizing