Over 40 Years Experience Applying Advanced Firearm Coatings


“Guard-Coat” PLUS: Developed for law enforcement, “Guard-Coat” PLUS is a high-temperature thermal elastomer metal coating which is extremely durable and has a low coefficient of friction. Dry film thickness is approximently 0.5 mil. Pencil hardness is between 2H and 3H. Color is non-reflective flat black. The texture is similar to “Teflon” and slightly smoother then parkerizing. “Guard-Coat” PLUS is applied to the exterior surfaces of the weapon. Internal surfaces such as bore and chamber are not coated. Gun oils, gun solvents (including bore cleaners), humid salt air, gasoline, human sweat, and blood will not harm the finish. Passes 90 degree bend test without flaking. Process can be applied on carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel and aluminum. The process may not be applied to plastic components, pot metals or firearms with soft soldered parts or ribs. “Guard-Coat” PLUS is maintenance free. Firearm bore and chamber protected with Birchwood Casey’s “Sheath”.  Meets military specifications Mil-M-24519B (EC).


“Guard-Coat” PLUS