Over 40 Years Experience Applying Advanced Firearm Coatings


Rust Blue:  Our rust blue process involves placing properly prepared steel parts in boiling distilled water to bring the metal surfaces up to temperature. We apply a thin coat of rust blueing solution on the dry hot metal surface and suspend the part back in the hot water to harden the rust blue. Craftguard then uses a carding method which removes all rust blueing solution not adhering to the metal. We place a minimum of eight coats on every part. Rust blueing will not harm soft solder or precious metals such as gold or silver. Craftguard rust blues all soft soldered double barrels.  If Craftguard can not determine if the firearm is soft soldered or silver soldered, the weapon is rust blued.  Deluxe polish is the highest luster Craftguard will polish on Rust blueing.  The finish is protected with Birchwood Casey’s “Sheath”.